Radiator Boosters

Boost the heat in your home AND save energy? A radiator booster fan might be the answer if your heating is struggling in the cold weather.

Radiators only radiate about 20% of their heat - the rest rises up to the ceiling or is lost through nearby walls or windows. Radiator boosters are designed to increase the efficiency of central heating by redirecting warm air out into the room. The room heats up more quickly, allowing the boiler to shut down sooner.  They are usually automatic, using a thermostat to run only when the radiator is hot.

Radiator boosters fit most single or double panelled radiators but are not intended for use on storage heaters or oil filled radiators. Installation is simple and they are easy to move from room to room as they just plug into the nearest socket.

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Turbo Logic radiator booster

The Turbo Logic Radiator Booster (Mk3) is a basic model. It sits on top of the radiator and uses a single fan to draw heat out from behind the radiator. The warm air is blown out of the end of the fan into the room.

The Radiator Booster was independently tested by Which Magazine (2011) who concluded "Our test lab found that, with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often, and energy consumption dropped".

The manufacturers say the booster costs £0.30 per year to run with an average annual saving of £70 to £140 on energy bills. As this booster costs about £25 it should pay for itself very quickly.

Available to buy online from Ethical Superstore

Radfan Classic low power radiator booster

Radfan Classic Low Power Radiator Booster Fans come in three sizes for small, medium or large rooms. They have 2, 4 or 6 forward facing ultra low power fans, depending on the model, costing about £2 to £6 per year in electricity to run. Warm air is gently blown directly forward into the room rather than out of the side.

The manufacturers state that a Radfan on a radiator under a window reduces heat lost through the window by 35%. They guarantee that the product will make your home warmer without having to spend more on your energy bills. Their fans have been independently tested in trials funded by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Radfans are quieter and more powerful than the Turbo Logic booster but are more expensive. They cost from about £40 to £110 depending on size and are available to buy online from Amazon: Radfan Classic Medium Low Power Radiator Booster Fan

Stanton Radbooster High Performance radiator fan

The Stanton RadBooster High Performance Radiator Fan goes underneath the radiator. It doesn't need any fitting and simply sits on the floor with the legs adjusted to fit up close to the radiator.

It's a robust unit, made of steel, with a powerful motor and two fan speeds.  An added bonus is a summer switch to cool the air when the weather is hot.

The Radbooster blows out warm air forwards along the whole length of the unit. The manufacturers say it uses approximately 18W of power.

This fan has been third party tested by the Building Service Research and Information Association (BSRIA) who found it warmed a room 15 minutes faster that the Radfan Classic. Tests conducted in 2017 suggest the Stanton RadBooster could save the average home over £160 per year on their energy bills.

The RadBooster comes in three sizes costing from about £75 to £125 and is available to buy at Amazon: Stanton Radbooster RB400

Radiator reflectors

The Energy Trust also recommend fitting radiator reflectors behind radiators to reflect their heat back into the room - see Radflek Radiator Reflectors at Amazon or Ecosavers Radiator Foil at Ethical Superstore.

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