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Classic cars at period US gas station

What is hypermiling?

'Hypermiling' means using energy efficient driving techniques to get the maximum miles per gallon out of a tank of petrol in your car.

You can hypermile in any car. It's a good way to reduce both fuel costs and wear and tear of the vehicle, and it can also help you drive more safely.

How to hypermile

  • Ensure the car tyres are at the correct pressure.

  • Declutter the car to remove unnecessary weight.

  • Keep the car in good condition and serviced regularly.

  • Remove roof racks etc and keep windows closed to reduce drag.

  • Turn off air conditioning to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.

  • Anticipate changes to reduce use of the brakes.

  • Plan the route to drive more smoothly without stopping and starting.

  • Turn off the engine in queuing traffic.

  • Drive more slowly - a car doing 50 mph uses 30% less fuel than a car doing 70 mph.

  • Use thinner engine oil.

  • Drive in soft shoes or socks to develop more sensitive use of the throttle pedal.

zed4me gives a practical demonstration in this tutorial video - How To: Hypermile a Car.

Of course, the biggest savings are made by leaving the car at home.  Over one third of car journeys are less than two miles - cycling or walking sometimes on shorter trips might even turn out to be more enjoyable than a car ride and good exercise too.

If you are planning to give it a go - be warned - it's addictive! Nempimania is the term used to describe an obsession with getting the best fuel economy possible!

You can find more information on 'How to Save Money on Gas' at wikiHow.

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Photo by Vivek Sharma on Unsplash

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Rosie Wood
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