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Paper Potter plant pot maker

Paper Potter plant pot maker

The Paper Potter is a very simple idea that really works.  It's made of wood and has just two parts - the potter and the base.

It's used to recycle newspapers to produce free, biodegradable mini plant pots suitable for starting seeds and potting on seedlings.

Gardeners have been making pots this way for years by wrapping newspaper around a glass, but the Paper Potter makes the process really quick and simple.

A pot takes just a few seconds to make - a strip of newspaper is wrapped around the potter and the excess folded in over the end which is then pressed into the base to mould the pot.

The young plants can be planted out in the pots and the roots grow out through the paper as it rots away in the soil with minimal disturbance to slow their growth.

This is a brilliant little gadget which would make a really good gift for a gardener. (Browse the range of paper pot makers available to buy on Amazon UK *here.)

Here's a good video from Under the Choko Tree, showing how to make and use paper pots.

Here's another interesting video, this time showing how to fold newspaper to make square pots. These take a little longer to make but they're good because they fit together more closely and neatly into a seed tray, helping to keep moisture in around the plant roots.

Children always enjoy making paper pots using a paper potter or bottles or cans as a mould. The RHS Campaign for School Gardening have a page on How to Make Newspaper Pots here. There are lots of other ideas and resources on their website for getting children out into the garden including spotter guides and activity sheets too.

*Paper pot makers on Amazon UK

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